Our history

Orthopartner DIGITAL


We are the digital division of Orthopartner, founded in 2021 by Charles Elkouby, CEO of Orthopartner. Our goal is to meet the growing demand for digital orthodontics. To date, we have equipped over 250 practices, and our service and machine offering is constantly evolving to stay at the cutting edge of innovation.




Launched in 2014, the French company Orthopartner inspires its partners and customers by developing innovative orthodontic products.
Since our inception, we have been innovating and investing in product research and development: we design, manufacture, and sell high-quality products.
Our R&D department has developed the most innovative passive self-ligating bracket system in the world, with the most precise slot thanks to the use of MIM (Metal Injection Molding), CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding), and PIM (Plastic Injection Molding) processes.
During manufacturing, all of our products are subject to double quality control by our engineers in Taiwan, ensuring consistency of quality, traceability, and reproducibility. We have all the certifications for our products on the major world markets: CE2460MD, ISO 13485, FDA (USA), SFDA (China), TFDA (Taiwan), KFDA (Korea).
We have also set up scientific study groups with our KOLs within the Orthopartner Academy to optimize your daily practice and exchange with other practitioners.

Our vision of digital orthodontics


At Orthopartner DIGITAL, we want to be your partner in digital orthodontics by offering you solutions that are tailored to your practice. Whether you need aligner impressions, indirect bonding, retainer wires, intraoral scanners, or printers, we can help you.
We can provide you with services, as well as machines that you can use to do the digital work yourself in your office.
An experienced team of orthodontists, trainers, and dental technicians will guide you to a new digital practice, which will save you time and money.


An innovative product range to

create beautiful smiles

“We want to become the most reliable partner and leader in orthodontic innovation. To achieve this, we deliver a high-quality, innovative product range to create beautiful smiles, deliver high-quality service and create a relationship of trust with you.” …


At the service of Dentalforce dentistry


Developer of the passive self-ligating Genius System


Creation of the new digital division



Developer of the passive self-ligating Genius System

Creation of the new digital division



Smart aligners solution


Your satisfaction is our priority throughout France, with advisors in every region.

Our worldwide distributor network

Our Digital Team


Marketing manager, ORTHOpartner division

Digital orthodontics trainer



CAD/CAM prosthetist in the ORTHOpartner division

Digital orthodontics trainer


Why Ortho Partner Digital?

Why Ortho Partner Digital ?

At Orthopartner DIGITAL, we help you develop your business with our digital solutions.

We help you find the ideal digital workflow for your practice:

  • Manufacturing aligner
  • Manufacturing indirect bonding trays
  • Manufacturing custom retainer wires
  • Installing software for aligners or indirect bonding
  • Installing printers
  • Installing intraoral scanners






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